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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health!


Massage: 60 min- $75.00   90 min- $105.00 (in office)

               60 min- $105.00   90 min- $135.00 (off-site)

Types of Massage:

Swedish- series of light to deep techniques for a variety of issues

Sports- deep, muscle specific bodywork

Trigger Point- accupressure to muscle attatchments

Myofascial- relationship between muscles and surrounding tissues addressed

Craniosacral- nourishment to vertebral column in series of gentle holds

MET- muscle energy technique, a series of passive/active stretching

Neuromuscular/Myoneural- relationship between muscles and nerves addressed

Warm Bamboo Fusion- luxurious warm Thai massage using bamboo tools

Hot Stone-  heated lava stones pamper and relax your muscles

Sa-Wan- herbal sachets filled with antioxidant and aromatic herbs massage your spirit

Pre-natal/Post-natal- appropriate, nurturing massage techniques for mom or mom to be

Polarity- facial massage, perfect for sinus/allergies/headaches

Aromatherapy, hot towels, cryotherapy (ice) may be added to session

Classes/Private Sessions

Infant Massage Instruction- parents/gaurdians learn massage techniques to bond with baby

Yoga Guidance- as add-on to massage session or intensive one-on-one

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